The Step Robotics Step Solar Platform

Step Robotics enables solar system owners, developers and installers to consistently achieve the highest levels of performance, reliability and profitability for their solar installations priced up to twenty times cheaper than alternative measurement tools.


Fast, Intelligent, Consistent,

The Step Solar platform enables best in class site measurementShading measurement accuracy and combines it with highly optimized system configuration, supply chain proposal generation capabilities to rapidly develop and deliver the optimal balance of profitability and cost.


Shading Analysis

Simplify site survey process while simultaneously increasing the speed and accuracy of your field organization with the SLV series lens. The SLV attaches to most smart phone and handheld devices and delivers unprecedented levels of measurement accuracy through:

  • Automatic correction of camera lens misalignment
  • Automatic calibration to ensure accurate and consistent performance across all smart phone and handheld device technologies
  • Virtual elimination of the negative impact of glare on shade analysis through the SLV proprietary lens coating technology
  • Step Robotics best-in-class shade analysis , magnetic impact and sky detection software solutions

Accelerate and Improve the Site Survey Process

Step Solar produces a 360-degree image of the sky and leverages the industry’s most advanced algorithms to factor seasonality, historical irradiation and shading to determine the impact on power production. In addition, Step Solar collects 25 years of weather station data and NASA weather data to estimate the amount of light reaching a certain location at 15 minute intervals throughout the year.


Optimize Proposal

Step Solar collects thousands of equipment data from manufacturers and runs highly accurate performance modeling enabling your field operations to quickly understand and present critical cost vs. performance tradeoffs to ensure your proposals maximize profitability while staying tightly aligned to your customer’s investment objectives.


System Design and Proposal

Rapidly generate actionable system designs allowing you to increase the speed of sales while ensuring the highest levels of system performance, quality and profitability with Step Robotics fully integrated design-to-procurementsolution platform.

  • Provide your field organization with the ability to understand and propose different configuration options at their fingertips to help ensure optimally designed systems matched to your customer’s objectives at the highest profitably
  • Model minute by minute accurate production numbers across multiple system configurations to obtain comparative cost vs. performance detail
  • Leverage Step Robotics Step Solar for a real time view of leasing and financing options that a client can sign on the spot.
solar shade analysis

Increase Operational Efficiency
and Profitability

The Step Robotics Management Platform provides you with a complete management dashboard for all activity across your operations.

  • Assign leads to your site survey team
  • Get site analysis in real time from your team
  • Provide your field organization with side by side configuration analysis to select the best option to present to the client
  • Provide your supply chain and procurement organization with cost benefit analysis and propose the best and most cost effective suppliers for your selected equipment
  • Secure and flexible, your data is synced to the cloud and accessibleon a PC through the Step Robotics web portal