A Winning Solar Proposal in less than 15 mins

  • Solar Shading & Site analysis – using our Proprietary Lens with the Mobile App
  • Optimize Installation (Azimuth, Tilt and Panel to Panel distance)
  • Generate Client Reports
  • Generate Clients Reports
  • Installer & Sales Rep CRM
  • Manage Energy Usage Profiles & Tariff Plans
  • Customize Reports

A Win-Win for Installers and Customers

  • Sell a system on the spot
  • Verified production number for the client
  • Very low-cost tool. Only purchase a lens
  • All data stored online forever

Turn Your Smartphone into a Powerful Tool for Your Field Organization

Equip your device with the latest in solar measurement, design, and configuration technology. This all-in-one platform not only offers top-tier shade analysis but also enhances the precision and speed of your on-site measurements.

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Reduce Sales Cycle Time to Improve Sales Speed and Efficiency

Automate processes across design through installation to increase sales efficacy, accelerate proposal development and scale your field organizations. Reduce time between site measurement to proposal from over 3 hours to under 30 minutes

Leverage Proven, Industry Leading Tools to Consistently Deliver High Quality, Profitable Systems

Develop highly accurate, location-specific shade and irradiation reports that enable designs that are tightly aligned to your customer’s needs.

Streamline Procurement for Increased Profitability

Highly optimized array configuration and component selection consistently matches cost vs. performance options to maximize performance, quality and profitability. Enhance production forecasts with minute by minute shading numbers and superior production simulations.