Step Robotics became member of BSW

Step Robotics Becomes a Member of the German Solar Industry Association, BSW

Islamabad, Pakistan – 10/04/2018 – Step Robotics, a leading global technology provider for the solar energy generation market, is pleased to announce that it has been accepted as a member of the prestigious German Solar Industry Association, BSW.

Step Robotics provides the solar market with a fully integrated, best-in-class hardware and software platform called Step Solar, which transforms smart phones and intelligent hand held devices into one of the solar industry’s most valuable sales and operations tools.

According to University of Oregon’s Solar Radiation Lab, Step Robotics’ Step Solar is presently the most powerful solar shading and site analysis tool in the market. Step Solar offers solar system owners, developers and installers a value proposition that is unmatched in the market. It is 10% more accurate, 10 times faster and up to 20 times more cost effective than any comparable tool. With its proprietary lens and a free app for Android and Apple, Step Solar can transform most smart phones into fully integrated, intelligent design-to-procurement solutions platforms. The app provides enhanced production forecasts with minute-to-minute shading numbers and superior production simulations. Its cloud-based sales portal also connects users with the most comprehensive online marketplace for solar equipment and financing options that can be signed on the spot. This helps installers and owners choose equipment and financing options that are best suited to their needs.

Step Solar’s flagship solar eco system SI-EcoSys brings the installers, equipment providers, financing companies, government agencies all on a common platform and delivers unprecedented level of efficiency, optimization and accessibility for all stake holders in the solar industry.

About Step Robotics: Founded in 2014, Step Robotics ( combines technology innovation, solar industry expertise, supply chain optimization and project finance to help solar system designers, installers, distributors and asset owners streamline their operations and achieve the optimal balance of profitability, performance, and cost.