Huawei Phone Compatible With Step Solar

Since its release, Step Solar Android app has been focusing its efforts on Samsung phones, mainly because it has carried out Research and Development to optimize the FYD1 Fish Eye Optics that work with most of the Samsung phone sets.

The app works amazingly well on all Android phone sets, however the available optics are only compatible with Samsung and Huawei phone sets.  

Answering some of the questions on his personal blog their VP of sales Mr. Junaid Qazi mentioned

“ We are getting tremendous interest from every country of the world. Installers are excited about the product and the platform. There are many installers that are approaching us and telling us that our optics work well with the Huawei phone sets but only if we could make a few adjustments to the app.

We are amazed at the fan following of this app so far. We had to respond to the requests of our customers. Version 1.1 makes all the changes that were requested.”

Answering another question about supporting further devices he mentioned that Step Robotics will be introducing a new lens FYA1 lens that will work with the iphone and many of the Android phones out there in the market. “We have done our research and with the FYD1 and FYA1 lens we will cover 86% of the Android phone market and we will support iPhone 6 and 6 plus.

Our iPhone App is also ready and is being tested in Final Beta. All internal and external QA on the app has completed.